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SW Lego-The gangs all here!

You're acting really weird ...

Cole bought himself a Wii Fit with his Christmas money. Wow. I've been doing yoga on it and it's freaking fun. The hula hoop one makes me laugh. Because I'm some sort of champion hula hoop-er or something. Word!

Besides Wii Fit-ing today, I semi-organized the storage area in the garage. We have soooo much room down there. It's crazy. I was going to bring some boxes of books up for my mom but there was a whole cockroach thing. A cockroach from the old house. I couldn't handle it. I kinda covered it up with another box and crept away. Oh, yeah. It was dead. Squished flat. I still couldn't handle. Bugs are well outside my comfort zone. Well outside.

So there you have it. I forgot to bring a book to my hair appointment so I watched Hellboy 2 on my iPod. That tiny little screen shows a pretty crisp picture. I was slightly amazed.

Of course this means that I still haven't read a book this year. I am really not on my game in that respect. I'd best make some changes. Soon.

Did I mention that I finally watched Resident Evil Degeneration? Last night. I really liked it. Zombies! Good! I'm still a little confused on the time line of the movies, though. Does this one come between Apocalypse and Extinction? Based on what happened in Degeneration (the virus didn't seem widespread yet), I'd say yes, but how many years were supposed to have passed between Apocalypse and Extinction? I vaguely recall hearing them say that Degeneration takes place seven years after the Raccoon City incident. That would put quite a few years between the incidents in A and E. Anybody?

Wow. I had more to say there than I thought I did. I'm done now. :) Later.

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(Deleted comment)
Oh, that made me laugh. But not loudly because Cole's watching Spaceballs.

The Wii Fit is very much fun. I used it a lot for a couple of months. Once I got tired of all the games, it eventually turned into an expensive weight scale that kept telling me I was fat.
I gave it to my brother so he could play it with his future step-daughter.

The biggest thing I've noticed with it is that it has us all up and moving. I can't argue with that. I'm glad Cole likes it and is using it. :)

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