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DW-Rose-All boxed up with nowhere to go

Halloween gets celebrated earlier!

OMG! I had an 8:00 meeting this morning. That's fine. I can do that. Except that one of my tellers was out of balance this evening and I didn't end up leaving work until 7:50. Holy crap! I hate 12 hour days.

I had things to say today. Things about our weird weather (fog, fog and bits of patchy fog) and how much I wanted a frothy iced coffee this afternoon. However, it has all been negated by my 12 hour work day. Suck. I loathe when that happens.

I'm getting my hair done tomorrow. I think I'll treat myself to a coffee to make up for that horrible 12 hour day.

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terrible! did you find the outtage? (outage? no, i think outtage is right. is it? i don't know right now. they both look wrong.)

Outage. And no.
Hopefully they'll find it by Monday or Tuesday.

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