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SotD-Zombies are Love-big

Rise from the ashes ...

You know, I haven't been very productive thus far in 2009. I haven't read a single book yet. About the most I've done is organize my closet and move into my new room. Boo-yah. I haven't even watched my newest zombie movie. That was mostly because it was scaring Cole, but still. Speaking of which, the zombie dream I had a couple of weeks ago involved me and mine hiding out in an airport as zombies mindlessly threw themselves against that heavy duty security glass from the outside. Resident Evil Degeneration (what I managed to watch of it) had something similar happening. Except that it wasn't me hiding in the movie. But there was much mindless zombie action. Word.

In other news, I'm still coughing stuff up. That part of my illness seems to be getting worse. How? How is this possible? Seriously, how much slimy, mucus-y crap can your body manufacture? I'm getting kinda tired of it. I mean, honestly, this is gross. And it's time for it to stop.

Cole's back at school tomorrow. That means that I'm back to getting up hellaciously early. Fun. Plus, the traffic's going to go back to being a bitch. Not fun.

Okay. Cole wants me to watch Spider-Man 3 with him.

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well if you have what i have/had, than you have a few more days. i'm on day 16 and i'm not fully well yet. terrible! maybe i will get the flu shot next year. this is my second flu in less than a year.

oh that was me, not anonymous. :-D

OKay. It's been three weeks and I'm still slightly coughing but I feel sooo much better. And I'm not coughing stuff up, just coughing. Awesome.
Oh, and I got a flu shot this year. This wasn't the flu. It was just a cold. A terrible, awful cold. Blech.

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