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TW-Gwen-Tough day

The tale is told ...

Cole and I just finished our Hellboy re-watch. The 2nd movie is pretty damn good. I loved the first and I think the second is even better. Awesome. There are a couple of little things that kinda bug me (about the Irish mythology) but I'll totally get over it. Hellboy! Woot!

Btw, my legs are killing me right now. That's what really working a full day does to you. Come to think of it, other than Tuesday (which I was disgustingly sick for and don't really remember because of all the cold medication) I haven't worked a full day since Christmas Eve. And we closed at 2 on Christmas Eve. So I'm actually going to say that I haven't worked a full day since December 23rd. Wow. I'm awesome.

Cole tells me that since he's on vacation he's going to sleep in my room. Again. Until it's time for him to go back to school. Hmm. Interesting.

iron_knife dropped by my work today and we went out to lunch and Best Buy. I really, really wanted Resident Evil Degeneration. Now I have it.

And that's it.

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why does cole want to sleep in your room?

Because my room's cool, of course!

lunch and best buy? i'm jealous!

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