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DW-Quote-The whole of time and space

Break up the sewing circle and get back to work!

Uggh. I got stuck in the ATM room for two hours while one of our technicians was working on the machines. And, no. I didn't actually get stuck. I just had to stay there while the guy worked on it. It sucked. I think my brain dribbled out my ear. It was just that boring.

And that's about all I did today.

Wow. I just completely ran out of steam. Completely.
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i used to love getting stuck in the atm room. i would call people in there to chat with me, like dave, and it would be like not even working.

we were talking about shows we like on saturday... i like 'burn notice' i forgot to mention that one.

I like Burn Notice also!
I'm not thrilled with being stuck in the ATM room. Mostly because I have things to do and it seems like such a waste of time.

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