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Why write about it when you can live it?

I just finished wrapping the last of the Christmas presents that were sequestered around the house. *sigh* My back hurts from sitting on the floor. But, it's done. Exciting.

Yesterday's gathering with the girls went off smashingly. malkovich03 was sick but she dragged herself over because she's all sorts of awesome. We had lots of food and lots of talk. The boys played video games and built Legos. Cool. We watched Hot Fuzz (which Mal kinda slept through) and the Star Wars episode of Family Guy. kimbrchick had to leave early because she was going to a concert. After she and Mal left, jenah and I watched The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor which was a pretty damn good movie (as well as being a pretty damn cool gift from iron_knife. After everyone left, Cole and I watched it again. Or, well, I fell asleep while he was watching it. OH! Somehow we all ended up watching the end of Tremors and Deep Blue Sea on one of the HBOs. I forced them to watch the rousing speech that Samuel L. Jackson gives in DBS. Because it's AWESOME!

What else?

My grandma's staying over tonight because her heater isn't working. Cole's at his dad's. Hailey's staying at her other grandma's. The house is really quiet. Freakishly so. I made another batch of chai mix but I fiddled with the ratio of spices and this is a potent beverage I'm drinking.

And that's about it.

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thanks for having me over! it was fun. i may have overexerted myself though because i feel horrible today.

i forgot to borrow 'hot fuzz' from you, so i read the synopsis online. somehow i think the synopsis doesn't do the film justice. kurt may actually own 'hot fuzz' i'll have to ask him. have you ever watched 'spaced'? it's by the same people and it seems like it would be funny.

okay, i guess that's it. i'm so bored!

I think I caught your cold. Or whatever vile disease you had.

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