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XF-Mulder & the OCD

How will this be different from any other day?

Matrix Reloaded is on one of the HBOs RIGHT NOW and I'm watching it. Because it's not enough to simply own the movie on DVD, you must also watch it when it's randomly on. That goes for pretty much any movie I own, btw, not just the Matrix trilogy.

I have the presents wrapped for tomorrow's get-together. Cole's already conked out on the bed. I have to go in to work for an hour or so tomorrow before the gathering, but that won't be terrible. I hope. I Mal I'd email her when I got home and then forgot to because it took me so freaking long to get here. Sad.

When the Key Maker is called "the exile" by the Agents it makes me sad. I don't know why. He just seems so harmless and pathetic. Poor guy. I'm sure he'll make it out of it all just fine, though. Just fine. You know, there's a lot of collateral damage in these movies. Those poor everyday people who get shot when they're possessed by Agents. All the people who get their cars smashed up in the freeway chase. Incidentally, that scene was filmed somewhere in the Bay Area. Oakland or right outside of Oakland, I think. I might be wrong about that, though.

Okay. Enough movie talk.
I have to go yo bed soon-ish. I have a lot, lot, lot to do tomorrow.

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(Deleted comment)
Oh wow. And so appropriate with that icon.
Are you getting all these email notifications at once? Because that'd be funny!

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