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Today was my day off. I didn't do many of the things I had planned. For example, I planned on making a batch of fudge. A test batch, if you will. Our new microwave is so much more powerful than the old one that I'm not sure if we have to adjust the cooking time. Yes, my super-awesome fudge is made in the microwave. It's painfully easy and it turns out wonderfully. Anyway. I didn't make the fudge. Instead I took a nap. And I watched the end of Tremors on one of those fancy stations. And I caught up on my comments. And I did a load of laundry. And I ran the dishwasher. I did not, however, take out the garbage. As my mom pointed out.

I had one of those really stupid moments today. I sent out an evite to some of my buddies (Yeah, you know who you are!) for our annual holiday gathering and I was freaking out that I hadn't received any replies. So, I log onto evite to make sure I sent everything correctly and realize that everyone had responded, I'd just forgotten to click the "email me the responses" button. Stupid. So, now I need to send out another batch of emails to the ladies and let the festivities begin.

I'm in a kinda weird mood. I want to watch old movies (old by my standards, thank you. Like, Stargate or The Fog [1980]) but I can't seem to find the time. This might seem contradictory to the fact that I did nothing today (and in fact watched half of Tremors) but there you have it. It's like life is trying to bulldoze me and I forgot how to stop and get out of the way. I blame work.

Speaking of movies, I was having a little comment spree (if two comments can count as a spree) with iron_knife and he reminded me of the time we saw two different movies in the theater on the same day. Sadly, we didn't theater hop, we went to two different theaters. Completely. We drove across town to go to the second one. Good times. Might I just add that my butt was so asleep by the end of the second movie (Van Helsing if I remember correctly) that I swore I wouldn't do that again. The first movie? Troy. Or was it the other way around? Or were they two different movies entirely? Huh. Either way. Good times.

I have really rambled about nothing for long enough here.

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Fog shoutout!


*shambles along with you*

You best be shambling old-school. None of this newfangled remake shambling.

Totally old-school.
I promise!

(Deleted comment)
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