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SotD-Zombies are Love-big

Pull the thruster!

I did some Christmas shopping today. And it was much better than yesterday. I'm done with Cole. And Hailey. And my mom. And Heather. And my grandma. It's pretty good.

My mom and I were discussing how we're going to get my 200 pound bookcase up two flights of stairs once Heather moves out. Huh. I'm kinda thinking I'm going to have to take it apart and carry it up a piece at a time. Frankly, I'm not thrilled by that, but the other option is to just leave it in the garage and I'm not doing that. Possibly we can find someone to help us get it up the stairs, but I'm not holding my breath on that one.

Okay. I totally forgot to mention that I had the best zombie dream the other night. It was full-on movie-cool. Like, there was a zombie horde and they were trying to get Cole and Hailey and I and I had to put the kids up in the air ducts to keep them safe and then we got separated and it sucked but I was able to get back to them and save them and we hid in a airport and the zombies were sporadically throwing themselves against the super shatter proof window and just smashing themselves into oblivion. Awesome.

I'm trying to force Cole to watch The Wrath of Khan and we keep getting 30 minutes or so into it and then we get distracted. Cole tells me that he doesn't like it, but when we're watching it he's all into it. Kids. Go figure. Anyway. We have all the movies on tap to watch, so we should be getting to them eventually.

I think I'm done. :)

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(Deleted comment)
ha! We have a real dolly now. A real one. But I think part of the issue with the bookcase is going to be getting it up the stairs and around the bend (just around the river bend!). I'm still thinking about just taking it apart. It might be easier in the long run.

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