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Stock-Winter-Snowy woods

Maybe you should go outside and rethink your story.

There are very few Christmas songs that I don't like. Yet, Baby, It's Cold Outside makes me cringe every single time I hear it. Every.Single.Time. I swear to you that the first time I heard it I thought it was a Christmas song about date rape. A CHRISTMAS SONG ABOUT DATE RAPE! How utterly wrong is that? I especially hate the Dean Martin/Martina McBride version. Seriously. Date rape. Just, no. I'd rather listen to that supremely annoying Madonna version of Santa, Baby. Well, maybe that's taking it too far. But I still am not keen on that song.

So. My first day as acting manager didn't go too badly. I didn't get yelled at. I didn't yell at anyone. Awesome.

I'm going to watch Psych with my boy.

ETA- I was just uploading some icons and it says that I can have a total of 195 icons. Is that right? That sounds incredibly high. Heck, that means I can upload, like, 80 more icons. Crazy.

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i pretty much hate any christmas song that references santa.

You're my favorite freak.
I listen to Christmas music in the car. Don't you wish you were driving somewhere with me right now?

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