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Dr Horrible-Evil evil evil

Where's he going?

I've done a really shoddy job of posting this month. Miss a day here, skip a day there. Boo.

I was at work at 7:30 this morning. That's really freaking early. Except it wasn't because I was up and I really had some things to do and I was able to get them done a whole lot faster with no one bugging me for approvals and stuff. So. It worked out and I left work while the sun was still out. Nice.

In other news, I'm still watching the LoTR trilogy. I'm up to Return of the King. I usually start that one in the middle-ish so it was kinda cool to watch from the beginning. Oh, and for those that are wondering I will probably not watch the excruciatingly long ending. That part where they're all trying to say goodbye and it takes foooorrrrreeeeever. Gah. I felt myself aging in the theater during the original viewing. Seriously, that's 45 minutes of my life that are gone for good. Sad. Sad.

Cole's back from visiting his other grandparents and his chicken pox are all gone. Yay! I can't believe how quickly they healed up. Sure, he still has a couple of small scabs, but nothing like I remember having when I was a kid.

Okay. Back to my movie.
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You know, I have never had the chicken pox. I am so screwed if I ever got it. I hear it's horrible to have when your an adult.

Well, here's to hoping you never get it. Cole ended up having a very light case. I guess that vaccination did the job. :)

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