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Stock-All these witchy things

Well, there's nothing for it.

I've been watching Fellowship of the Ring on and off all day. I kinda slept through parts of it. And now Cole and I are watching the tragic breaking of the fellowship. Again. The Two Towers next? Yes?

So, here's my news for the day. It looks like Heather will be moving out in 3 weeks or so. The apartment she was on the waiting list for has come available and she's jumping on it. In some ways I'll be sad to see her go, but in other ways ... master bedroom, baby! That's right! I'll be shuffling over to the master bedroom. I'll be putting my beautiful extra bookcase in there. I'll be pulling my witchy cabinet out of storage and making it all pretty. I'm very excited about all that.

In annoying work news, one of my assistants was promoted today. They pulled her out of the branch at noon and sent her to the new branch. I'm happy for her, but I honestly think that my District Manager has no idea what it takes to run a branch any more. Why would you take one of the managers out of your biggest branch with just a few hours notice? What if she was supposed to work on Saturday? She doesn't. I do, but that's beside the point. To top it off, I had the day off today and wasn't even there.

That work stuff kinda puts a crimp in the plans I was trying to make for the Annual Holiday Gathering with jenah, kimbrchick and (possibly) malkovich03. I might have to work the weekend we were planning on gathering. Now what do we do?? I'm sure I'll figure something out, but pooh.

Cole's feeling pretty good despite his pox. In fact, most of his spots looks like they're already drying up. He didn't complain about itchiness at all today. Awesome.

I'll catch you all tomorrow. We're hosting Thanksgiving here since we have this pretty, new house and this lovely, big kitchen. Yay! We have pie!

And that's about it. :)

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(Deleted comment)
what day were you thinking?

The original plan was for the 20th, but that might not work.

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