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Stock-Books-Stack of books


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Stock-Books-Stack of books

I guess I can try anything once ...

In answer to iron_knife's question ... YES! People over the age of 10 DO get carsick! And I will be replying to that comment again as soon as I'm done posting here. So, take that!

Okay. So, Cole woke up this morning covered in a weird rash. Hailey had the same thing about two weeks ago. Fun. He's taken two baths today and I've covered him with anti-itch cream trying to combat this bizarre thing. Where did it come from? Unknown. What is it? Unknown. Possibly it's an alien microbe that Cole is assimilating and will convert into something. Okay. I kinda lost that train of thought. Anyway. Cole has a rash. I don't like him having it.

And that? That pretty much sums up my day. Well, except that I did some Christmas shopping with Amb. I think I'm done with my mom. Cool.

I'm off to cuddle with my rashy boy. :( Poor thing.

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(Deleted comment)
I have not watched the True Blood finale because Cole's still awake and I don't watch that show while he's awake. Word.

I am always right. Ha!

wait, cole has a rash? is it contagious? i'm a little concerned seeing as how i spent half a day in a sweaty tunnel with him. i don't want a rash!

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