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Birthday cupcakes

This is music to my ears!

Happy Birthday, neversince!
I hope you had a great day!

And Happy Birthday, malkovich03!
Sorry I couldn't make it to dinner, but I hope your evening is AWESOME!

So, I got my hair done this morning and then I jetted home to pick up Cole and meet malkovich03 for our trip up to the San Francisco Exploratorium. Cole and I both got carsick on the ride there. However, we rallied and had a very, very fun time. Cole especially loved the Tactile Dome which is this dome that you navigate in the pitch dark by touch alone. I only managed to go through it once. Cole managed about 10 times. He LOVED it. After the Dome we wandered through the rest of the exhibits and got our hands a little dirty. It was very fun.

The bad part is that we both got carsick again riding home. Blech. However the fog that was rolling through San Francisco was gorgeous and creepy. You know I love fog. It's so mysterious. Anyway. Since Cole and I were feeling a little queasy I decided to sit out the rest of the birthday festivities. I had a cup of tea. I feel marginally better.

Cole and I are watching some season 2 Psych. It's such an easy show to watch. And there's usually no blood and/or guts. I think.

I'm out. :)

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(Deleted comment)
all souls. was that the hospital one?

That Robot Chicken was AWESOME!
I do remember All Souls. However, other than the basic premise, I remember nothing about that show. Weird.

so we went to this bar last night and i was in the bathroom when this girl said it was her birthday and i said it was my birthday too and then she said 'well, i'm turning 30'. and i said 'i'm turning 30 also!' and she goes 'fuck you bitch! it's MY fucking birthday and you are not going to ruin it!' and i was all '?' and she stormed out! hilarious!

That is a great birthday story. You always have the best stories!

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