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Stock-Books-Stack of books

Kinda a long shot ...

I watched last night's Supernatural this evening. Keep in mind that I haven't read any other thoughts on this so if I'm repeating what everyone in the known universe is already saying... sorry.

Sam had sex with a demon.
Dean had sex with an angel.
It's like they're drawing those metaphorical lines in the sand. I have to admit that I don't see Sam joining up with the demons or anything, but I find it interesting that Dean with his flexible moral code is the one who got all biblical with the angel. And Sam, who I've always seen as the "good boy", is the one who got busy with the demon. Yes, he has demon blood and all that, but he's always been presented as way more vanilla than Dean. And yet ... well, Dean got the angel and Sam got the demon.

Anyway. I liked Anna. She was willing to sacrifice herself to save the world. And the Winchester boys.

No, these thoughts aren't totally deep, but there they are.

OMG! Cole, Hailey and I watched Wall-E today and ... love. He's just so adorably cute. Plus, I'm always down with visions of a broken future.

I have a pretty full day tomorrow. Let's see. I'm getting my hair done at 8. I'm meeting malkovich03 for her birthday after that. We're going to the Exploratorium in San Francisco and then out for dinner and drinks in the evening.

There you have it. :)

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We saw Wall-E in the theatre! We, too, thought it was too cute.

I just thought he was so adorable!

We actually bought it tonight when we were out hehehe

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