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DW-Rose-Big hair

I got that from the fast double back!

Fringe was creepy and pretty good last night.
Cole and I are watching Bones now. Umm. Cooked body. It's kinda gross. And yet the two of us are sitting here watching it. Cringing.

I'm very boring today. Sorry. I completely have things to talk about. They're just buried in part of my brain. Somewhere.

On that note. I'm outta here.
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Oooh Bones was AWESOME. Keep watching. :)

You're right! It was very good!

With most of my other shows getting cancelled left and right, Bones is gonna be my main obsession for a while :(

For some reason Cole really, really likes watching Bones. I don't mind since it's such a good show, but it always makes me laugh that my 9 year old enjoys gooey bodies.

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