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Fringe-Anna can't act

I guess I .. uh, you know.

I feel better today. Yay! That means that I caught up on Chuck with Cole (good episode, but the end was not a shock) and I'm nearly done with Supernatural. Oh, wait. Now I'm done. Anyway. Supernatural was good. Probably one of the best of the season thus far. I can't figure out what I know Anna from, but I'm cool with that. I think.

Joshua Jackson is pretty damn hot. Yum.

Hmm. Now I'm catching up with Fringe. I'm still completely unimpressed with Anna Torv's acting. She's just this expressionless piece of plastic. Sometimes I think she might look good with JJ, but most of the time I think she's just far too bland for him.

Okay. Now I'm done.

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(good episode, but the end was not a shock) I agree, although I LOVED the way they did it and the SONG!! Zach Levi is ADORABLE! I'm currently catching up on SPN, I'll be starting season two here very soon. And YES JOSHUA JACKSON IS QUITE HOT but if Fringe doesn't pick up soon I might have to bid him farewell.

I have to admit that Fringe is growing on me. I wasn't thrilled with it in the beginning but something about it is really staring to draw me in.

Anna Torv=Princess Cardboard :)

Absolutely. This icon is titled "Anna can't act"

ROFL. Should be "Anna's left side can't act"

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