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Heroes-Niki-Game on!

Game on!

Here are the icons that townbros chose for me when I was breaking out of my shell and commenting on his icon post. :) I'd go the whole nine yards and tell you to comment and I'll choose 6 of your icons to tell me about, but I know that I'll never follow through with that and everyone will be waiting for their icons and then we'll all be sad. So. Here are my icons.

My default icon. I found it while browsing through icons made by windsong_icons and fell in love with that little smudge of red in the center. Somehow this icon works with any layout I pick.

Ha! Ten saying "barbeque". Does this really need an explanation? Yes? Well, I use it whenever there's something so random that only the word "barbeque" can help explain it. Ten's my secret TV boyfriend and he's incredibly random himself so this somehow makes perfect sense. Made by itwontbecalm.

Another one by windsong_icons, this one features Gwen from Torchwood. All I can say is that some days are so bad that you just have to whimper your way through them. You know what I mean. Gwen reminds me of Zooey Deschanel with her coloring and haircut. That doesn't have much to do with why I chose this icon, but it's information you can file away for later.

Ooh! An icon by neversince! Sarah from The Sarah Connor Chronicles is tough, dedicated and beautiful. She holds the future of the human race in her hands. How can you not respect that? I love the coloring in this one.

Another one by neversince! This one features the Metallicar and it totally captures the fandom obsession that can grab hold of me when I get involved with those Winchester boys. Supernatural! Woot!

This icon was made by oxoniensis and it is just so fun! Feet! In the grass!

Word! Cole and I are watching National Treasure. Fun.
jenah stopped by for a few hours today. We sat and talked and walked around the complex. I got to show off my pretty, pretty house which I still haven't taken pictures of.

You know what? I'm getting tired. How sad is that. It's not even 8 yet.

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OH! ME! ME! ME! Pick icons for me!

A heads up.
I won't even be sad if you don't choose any icons. :D

Here goes!

If this doesn't work ... well, there's going to be some serious editing. :)

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