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DW-Quote-The whole of time and space

We did it!

Oops. I didn't post yesterday. I was going to. I was. But malkovich03 is back from her honeymoon and I stupidly forgot that we had planned to go to dinner yesterday and instead she came over and we sat around talking and visiting. We watched most of Juno (a movie that I enjoy but don't go crazy over) and then it was 11:30 or so and I realized that the most I'd be saying was that Mal had come over and we hadn't done much. Thus, I didn't journal.

Was that an incredibly roundabout way of saying next to nothing?

Anyway. I really didn't do much yesterday. I had a lot of stuff planned, but everything fell by the wayside of a lazy day. I did manage to squeeze in a 3-ish hour nap. Don't ask me how that happened. All of a sudden I was sleeping and then it was three hours later. Maybe it was only 2 1/2. Whatever.

That means that all the stuff I was going to do yesterday but didn't get around to got done today. I did some Christmas shopping (those of you who know me will be amazed to hear that this is the first gift I've bought. I KNOW! Usually I'm nearly done at this point!) and did some clothes shopping (for myself). I caught up on Supernatural. I started my next book (which won't count since I've already read it this year). I finished my laundry. I did some food shopping. I took a nap.

I totally rocked today.

I think I need to kick back and relax now.