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Quote-My OTP keeps me hopeful

Is he drunk?

Book #117 - Definitely Dead by Charlaine Harris - Book six in the Sookie Stackhouse series has Sookie traveling to New Orleans to clean out her dead cousin's house. Of course she runs into some trouble with the local vampires. And Werewolves. And various other shifters. She gets beaten up. More than once. And Quinn's still hanging around. When's he going to leave again?

I have four days off. I think I might be catching up on those shows I've missed (SPN, True Blood, and some random other ones) and some movies that I've been wanting to watch. FYI, the SPN episode Yellow Fever is making me laugh. Dean's being such a fraidy-cat. Ha! Good times.

Speaking of good times ... guess who's back from her honeymoon? malkovich03!! We're planning on going to dinner tomorrow night. Yay! Yayyayyay! Yay!

I still have no idea what Cole are going to do this weekend besides be lazy and sit around watching TV. Maybe I should get on that.

And now I'm going to finish this ep of SPN.