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Psych-Gus is stealth

It's a bowl of chili. Pay attention!

Book #113 - Living Dead In Dallas by Charlaine Harris - The second (?) in the Sookie Stackhouse series finds Sookie doing a favor for Eric that involves her being beaten to a pulp and nearly killed. And then she goes to a orgy. Because that's how you should do things. Get nearly killed and then go have anonymous sex with dirty people. Isn't that what everyone else does? :)

It's been raining like mad today. All day. With the wind. Cool. If only I hadn't been stuck at work and could have enjoyed it a bit more. Boo. But I got a lot done at work today so I guess there's that.

Anyway. Cole and I are having a quiet night watching a couple of episodes of Psych. This is despite the fact that I have several episodes of current TV shows that I still haven't caught up on. Bad me.