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Dr Horrible-Evil evil evil

I wanna play with yooouuuuu.

I am (hopefully) back for good now. My internet connection died last Sunday and I have been internet free for far too long. I have no idea what's going on in the world. It's sad.

However! I do have some things I need to get up here ...

Book #109 - Nemesis by Agatha Christie - I read this so long ago that I can only say that I liked it. Unfortunately, a comment left by another user on Goodreads kinda clued me in to who the killer was, but the story was good enough that I guess I can overlook that. Blech. Book spoilers.


Book #110 - Sleeping Murder by Agatha Christie - This is malkovich03's favorite Christie book. I have to say that it was immensely satisfying. I seem to like those mysteries that look back over several years. They make me smile.

So there you go. I read all the Miss Marple books I have in my possession before my vacation was over. Nice. Now I'm back to the Poirot books. I'm also back to work which is not so nice. It's amazing how quickly 3 weeks fly by. And being back at work? Yeah. It feels like I never left. How sad is that?

malkovich03 is in Argentina on her honeymoon and I miss her terribly. I can't just pick up the phone and give her a call about nothing. Sad. It's especially sad since I actually have things to talk to her about. Things like books. And her wedding. And stuff. You know?

Okay. I have tomorrow off (because I have to work on Saturday!) and I plan on doing nothing. I'm going to watch TV. And read. And make some cookies. Awe.some.

Later, skaters!

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Lots of reading going on! Yay!! You're off today?! DRAT I have a 1:30 phone interview or I would bug you!

LOTS of reading going on!

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