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Incoherent here!

OMG! We're picking up our keys at 2! My mom brought her work truck home and we loaded that thing to within an inch of it's life. Or maybe it was within an inch of my life! Either way! We're getting our keys at 2!

I think I used up my quota of exclamation points for the day. Possibly, I'm working on tomorrow's quota. :)


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And just in time for your birthday tomorrow!

Ha! Well, my birthday wasn't the greatest because we spent the day moving, but I'm so happy to finally be in the new house that I'm totally going to overlook that. :)

Happy Birthday, Kelly! I hope the move is going well and that you've had a spectacular birthday! :)

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That? was awesome. I'm always down for a new vampire/lycan movie. Cooool.

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