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Book #108 - At Bertram's Hotel by Agatha Christie - Look! I read when I'm nervous or depressed or anxious about things. Okay? I read a lot. I rather liked this one. I'm curious as to whether there was ever a sequel or follow-up or whatever. Because it was kinda left open-ended. You know? And I figured out the main plot point about 3/4 of the way through, but I guessed the killer incorrectly. Dammit. That Agatha Christie! She got me again.

I have good news. I think. Apparently all our loans have closed so we should be getting our keys tomorrow. Either at noon or 2. I'm hoping for 10. :) I have something like 21 boxes plus extras crammed into my car. And by "extras" I mean that I have a case of water, a Costco sized case of toilet paper, half a case of paper towels. All the things a girl will need when moving into her new home. Or something. We're having the furniture delivered tomorrow afternoon (late, like between 4 and 6) and we're planning on taking the bulk of the boxes in the living room and garage down tomorrow. Cole, Hailey and myself will probably sleep down there tomorrow so we don't have to get up super-duper early Friday morning for school. FUN!

Okay. I think I have things to do. not really, but I'm going to go anyway. :)