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Dr Horrible-Evil evil evil

She probably doesn't even know it herself.

You know, getting our keys today would have been slightly more possible if it wasn't frickin' Columbus Day and the frickin' recorder's office wasn't closed. Anyway. Now I'm hoping that tomorrow is the big day. *sigh* I HOPE!

Due to the fact that my mom realized fairly early that we weren't doing what we were planning on doing, I did a lot of completely unnecessary stuff. I made another batch of granola (with nuts, this time). I wandered up to my grandma's for the two-fold task of getting a barcode pass into her complex and picking up two loaf pans. I used those loaf pans to make the most delicious banana bread in the history of forever. I took a nap. I don't even know what else I did. Or didn't do. That's how unnecessary it was.

My brain has stopped. I'm going to go now.