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Fringe-Anna can't act

You must face your past and put it to rest.

*sigh* Today was a very weird day. With all the build up toward signing off on the paperwork for the house, now that it's done I feel out of sorts. I honestly did nothing today. I watched cartoons for about an hour or so. I would have watched more but my grandma dropped by and I roused myself away from my Scooby-Doo stupor to talk to her. Yes, I was watching a Scooby movie. Which one? Scooby-Doo and the Alien Invaders. I have it on DVD, but it's packed up somewhere. Actually, I have most of the newer Scooby movies on DVD. Cole and I went through a phase for a while.

Anyway. I did nothing today. I picked up the kids. I made Cole do his homework while we were waiting for Hailey to get out of school. Have I ever mentioned that Hailey's kindergarten class gets out 45 minutes after regular school? Yeah. Afternoon kinders. Great fun. So, Cole and I sit around for 45 minutes most days. That'll change once we move, though. Being only 5 minutes away from school means that we can go home between. Awesome.

I keep looking around the house and thinking. Holy smokes! We still have all these little things that we need to pack up. Odds and ends and pieces that have migrated out of the proper boxes because we packed them so long ago that we've needed them since. *sigh* It'll be nice to unpack and see all my books again.

Speaking of books which I'd love to dig out of a box, I caught up on True Blood the other day. That's a good show. I hate the opening credits, but the show is seriously awesome. Thus far, most everyone they've cast has worked wonderfully. By the by, I'm not real keen on Tara. I realize that her character is supposed to be abrasive, but she grates on my nerves. Since her character is supposed to grate I guess she's doing a good job it's just ... STFU! You annoy me when you speak in that tone. You know, the one you always use when you talk. Yeah. That one. Other than that, LOVE the show!

I think I'm done now. Why is it that when I've done nothing all day I have so much to talk about? Weird.

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(Deleted comment)
Eric and Sookie have AWESOME chemistry in the books. Plus, he's an ancient viking vampire. Why wouldn't you think he's cool? :)

Yeah, the draining of the massive boner was kinda grim. But funny at the same time because he was warned. Did the Tara character switch actresses on me? I was wondering why I didn't loathe her quite as much in the original pilot. Huh. It makes sense now.

True Blood! Awesome show! And I would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for you meddlin' kids. :)

I also own the newer Scooby Doo movies on DVD :)

Excellent! A kindred spirit!

My favorite is The Witch's Ghost ;)

And how did we never discuss this before?!

That's an excellent question. How? Why? :)

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