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I have proof!

Book # 103 - They Do it With Mirrors by Agatha Christie - Good, but for once I had an inkling of the outcome before the last page of the book. Ye, Gods! What does that mean? Are all these murder mysteries finally re-wiring my brain? Awesome.

I had to put the book up first because I have neeewwwwws. My mom and I went to an event down at the new place today. It was one of those things where they talk about how green the buildings are and who helped bring the project to fruition. The mayor was there. All the people who helped us get this house were there. My mom got up in front of everyone and gave a little speech. My mom and I got to cut the ribbon with the gigantic City of Morgan Hill scissors. True story. I hope to get pictures of that. :) Anyway. One of the loan ladies cornered us and let us know that our documents are in and are just waiting for approval from the City of MH. We could be signing tomorrow. Or Thursday! We could have our keys by the beginning of next week. OMG! Finally! My brain! It wants to explode but I'm firmly telling it no.

I have so much to do once we can start moving things into the house. I have chairs to put together and books to unbox. I also have an urge to watch Lost. I could do that while putting chairs together. If I take my TV and DVD player up in one of the first loads. I can totally do that! Woot!

I think I need ice cream right now.

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(Deleted comment)
Hahahaha! She totally should have given that speech. Although the scissors probably would have been hidden from her at that point.

That is really awesome news! Congrats...and just in time for your birthday too! :o)

*smiles* I'm so happy to finally be moving in. I do wish that we could be completely in by my b-day, but so it goes.

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