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SCC-Cameron-Blast doors

How many fingers am I holding up?

Book #95 - Demon Lord of Karanda: Book Three of the Mallorean by David Eddings - The heroes battle their way through uncertain lands, dodging demons and magic wielders, on their way to the Place Which is No More and the climactic showdown between good and evil. Also, people get chopped up when they get in the way. Hey! That's what happens when everyone carries a sword.

I changed my mind on when I'm starting my vacation. Again. I was going to work through this week and start on Monday. Now I'm going to work through this week and either as much of next week as I can before my paperwork gets signed for the house OR until the following Monday (the 6th). See? I totally have a plan.

I have to admit that at the beginning of this week I couldn't even imagine pushing out my vacation another week. Yet, here I am. Doing it. Crazy stuff. The upside of doing it this way is that I'll be on vacation over malkovich03's wedding. Cool.

Okay. I'm off to watch Supernatural. Those boys are very pretty. :)

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Hey, I know you work at a bank.
Could any of this insanity of the financial meltdown affect you in anyway?

I don't think it'll affect me. I work for Wells Fargo and we have one of the strongest portfolios out there. We were super conservative with mortgages back when everyone was jumping on that bandwagon so the mortgage issue didn't affect us like it affected other banks.
I will say that we seem to be getting busier as all this is happening, so we're being affected in that sense. :)

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