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SW Lego-The gangs all here!

What happens to her?

I'm home! I had a great time.

We rolled into the hotel (the Sheraton Universal, if anyone is interested) around 6:30 Friday night. I thought that was great time especially since I missed the exit for I-5 because I was talking too much. I just blew right past it and had to loop back. I've never done that before so that was interesting.

Anyway. We really didn't hit any traffic AND we made it there on one tank of gas. Of course I was skating mighty close to empty when we got there, but we still managed on one tank.

The three of us (J, L and myself) went to Universal Citywalk for dinner (the Karl Strauss Brewery) and then hit the hotel bar for a few drinks. malkovich03 and her future in-laws showed up around 10:30 or so and we hung out for a while in the bar and then gathered up in our room for some gift giving. Mal got quite a lot of lingerie. I'm not quite sure when she's going to have time to wear it all, but it was naughty enough for a few laughs.

Saturday morning we headed out to Universal Studios and got our front of the line passes. Those things were so cool. We had a separate entrance that shot us up to the front of the line. Excellent. I really had a good time there. I liked the Mummy ride but it made me so nauseous that I basically couldn't eat anything all day. I thought I'd have to skip out on the evening revelry because I felt so utterly awful. However, after eating rice and miso soup at the Japanese restaurant that we went to for dinner I felt a lot better. After dinner we went to this place called Howl at the Moon where we got to listen to these totally awesome guys play dueling pianos and sing all night. Mal was forced onstage and sung to. Awesome.

I had a roaring headache by the time we left there because it was so loud so L and I jaunted back to the hotel and I conked out. That was midnight or so. J and Mal had gone out to another club after we left the bar so they rolled in around 2 and had to wake us up because they both forgot their keys. After an inordinate amount of noise by the two of them (What? Everything seems loud to me at 2 in the morning) they left again to hang out with one of the other par-tay girls and two of her LA friends at a nearby IHOP. They got back around 4 from that and made enough noise to completely wake me up while trying to be quiet. In their defense, I'm the lightest sleeper in the history of forever, so it's not surprising that I woke up.

I was up at 7:15 this morning for a quick shower and to pack up so that L and I could drive home. Once again, we made it easily on one tank of gas. Awesome.

So, I'm home. The house is is even more packed up than when I left. I figure that I'll be signing my paperwork this week and in the house either by the end of the week or the beginning of next week. PLEASE! I think that I'm going to start my super long vacation (THREE WEEKS!) on Thursday whether I've signed at that point or not. I so need to have an extended amount of time away from work that it hurts. On the other hand I might just wait to start it on Monday the 29th. I just don't know yet.

There you have it.
I'm going to watch part of Terminator 2. Just because I can.

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I love howl at the moon! My girls and I go there everyother month or so!

I had never even heard of it and it was AWESOME! I love when people can just make things up off the top of their head like those guys did. It was amazing.

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