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My bags are packed. I got everything I needed to get done ... well, done. Now I'm just waiting for the ladies to meet me at my house so we can head on out. OH! My final walk-through was AWESOME. I love that house more every time I see it. I'm ready to move in now. Please. Pretty please? I feel so sorry for my carpoolees. They're going to have to listen to house talk endlessly on this drive. Ha.

Okay. Think of me enjoying myself at Universal Studios tomorrow. I'm going to try not to get sunburned. I'm also going to try not to get falling down drunk. No promises, though.


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woo hoo! i am just at home counting down the minutes until we leave for the airport. then let the drinking and fun begin! awesome!

also, i totally can't wait to see your house! movie nights are gonna be so much fun there.

I can't wait to MOVE into my new house. And movie nights are going to be awesome! Whoo-hoo!

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