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Quote-I'm not anti-social

... and kissing boys.

Wow. I got SUCKED INTO the David Eddings' book Guardians of the West. I wasn't planning on starting this series, but it was one of the few that weren't packed so I went with it. I must admit that it's a nice change of pace from the McCaffrey's. Not that I'm not down for a little AM every once in a while but I was starting to OD.

I think I'm going to take off early tomorrow to go sign my paperwork. I also have to run out to get a little gifty for the lovely malkovich03's bachelorette gathering. Oh, that means that I'm going to be out and about Saturday and Sunday. Universal Studios, babies! And drinking. With the girls.

Hmm. Fringe is on in a few.
I'm out.
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I almost feel bad responding to this a week after you wrote it, but ... It was AWESOME!

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