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DW-Quote-The whole of time and space

So, did I pass?

I woke up this morning with a sore throat. Blech. I somehow managed to spend close to $200 at Target because I need new towels for the new bathrooms in the new house. Blech. I also had to buy a new iPod today. I did get 10% off on the price since I brought my old iPod into be recycled. Still. $250 later. Yikes. My new iPod is gorgeous. I went with the classic. My old one was 20GBs. My new one is 120GBs. Holy smokes. That's a lot bigger. It's so much skinnier than my old one, too. None the less, it's money that i wasn't planning on spending so close to buying my house.

Btw, my throat still hurts. I've eaten ice cream. It hasn't helped all that much.

I'm currently watching Burn Notice. It's easy to watch while straightening up the room.

My mom and I boxed up half the kitchen today. We have a lot of stuff. We have a waffle maker. I had no idea we had a waffle maker. I don't remember my mom ever making waffles. Weird. The next piece of business is going to be to box up the food in the kitchen. But that will wait until next weekend or so.

Which reminds me, next weekend is malkovich03's bachelorette par-tay. Excellent. I hope my throat feels better by then.

Okay. I'm done.

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120 GBs?
I have a 30 GB portable mp3 player and a few months ago I actually ran out of disk space on it. Maybe I should think about an upgrade.

I have something like 12GBs on it. I have so much room it hurts. HURTS!

(Deleted comment)
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