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Birthday cupcakes

I'm really good at one-sided conversations ...

First and foremost ...
Happy Birthday, tlace!!
I hope you had a wonderful day!

Now, on to the more mundane.
I had a good day at work. The down side of that is that my work BFF is on vacation for the next two weeks and I won't get to deal with his particular brand of humor. Boo. Even worse is that my vacation will end up overlapping his and that means that we won't see each other for THREE WHOLE WEEKS! MAYBE MORE! Woe!

But, I am one day closer to moving in to my new house so I can't complain too, too much.

I'm planning on heading over to the Apple store tomorrow. I'm going to have them check out my poor iPod. Sad.

Cole and I are in the middle of watching Psych. I guess I should get back to that.

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