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SCC-Sarah the badass!

A bad storm's coming ...

It was nice to get a new episode of SCC. I have been watching the first nine rather obsessively, you know. Still, I think I've become spoiled by some of the fanfic I've been reading. I kept expecting Derek and Sarah to start screwing like bunnies. Alas, no.

I find that I really have nothing else to talk about. How sad is that?

Prison Break is kinda good. Huh. I haven't watched this since mid-season 2.

I'm done.

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I am liking the direction Prison Break is taking, but only because they brought back Sarah Wayne Callies. I don't care how improbable it is to get her back, just get her back.
And they now have that "Misson: Impossible" thing going on. With that great Michael Scoffield mind, it should be very interesting.
However ... they were able to get rid of all those tattoos on his arm?! In one session? Without anesthesia?! Are we to seriously believe that?

I am also getting tonight's episode of SCC now.

This is what I found out about myself after watching the last episode of Prison Break. I don't really care what's happening, I just want to see Sarah and Michael get together. I'm so shallow.

Then call me shallow too. Those two are what makes that show really matter for me.
Well, okay. She really makes it matter for me.

lol! I can totally accept that.

Yes, I do. Mostly the porny stuff. The fandom depends on whatever I'm in at the moment.
For example, I'm currently obsessed with Sarah/Derek from the Sarah Connor Chronicles.
Prior to that it was Ten/Rose from Doctor Who.
Sometimes I'm forced to read River/Jayne from Firefly.
I like to mix things up sometimes. :)

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