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SCC-Derek-gratuitous nudity works

I climbed a mountain ...

Friday. Check.
Caught up on my comments. Check.
Sweltering in this unnatural heat. Check check check.
Wondering which episode of TSCC I should re-watch tonight. Check.
Wondering how I'm going to sleep in this unnatural heat. Check.
Wallowing in the fact that I have an ENTIRE WEEKEND OFF! CHECK!

I think I'm doing pretty well today. My mom and I have a thing we have to go to for the house tomorrow. Cole's spending the night at his dad's. I have the TV to myself. I think I'm going to go watch that now!

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what episode of tscc did you end up watching?

Heavy Metal.
For some reason I've been working my way backward through the Derek episodes. I think my next one is going to be Queen's Gambit. Again. I love Derek in prison. Something about it makes me as giddy as a schoolgirl. LOVE!

I do not blame you one tiny bit. It was Queen's Gambit where I was like, "David Silver can ACT!" :D

No fooling. And he just keeps getting better. *sigh* He's intensely HOT.

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