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Stock-Books-Stack of books


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Stock-Books-Stack of books

The zoo's closed on Mondays!

Holy crap! It's really hot again. Sticky, sweaty hot. *sigh* Only a week and a half until we move. New house! Yay! New house with air conditioning! Double Yay!

Hailey's been a little monster the past few weeks. I get so annoyed that poor Cole has to take it and take it and take it and the moment he yells back or anything he gets yelled at. Needless to say, my sister and I have had a few words lately. She needs to rein in her little she-devil a bit more. Family. *shrug* You just can't shake 'em.

I rather intensely dislike that some of the add-ons for the Firefox upgrade haven't been upgraded yet. I loved how LJ-Hook randomly picked an icon for me. It wasn't always the icon I wanted to use but it gave me ideas on which one I could use. Awesome. Actaully, I'm not sure if it was LJ Hook that did that. Who really cares, though?

Cole wants to watch another ep of The Middleman. I must comply.