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SCC-Derek-gratuitous nudity works

That is one fast Huffy ...

Today was one of those days. You know how those day are. I got up at my regular time today. I bundled the kids off to head out to school. Cole moaned the ENTIRE way there about how his stomach was hurting. Since I wasn't feeling too keen, I dropped Hailey off at daycare and the two of us came home. I finished off my book and immediately fell into an exhausted almost-nap. Somehow I managed to mostly-sleep through the bulk of the day. I roused myself enough to make Cole some soup. I slept some more. I put The Middleman on and Cole and I watched a couple of episodes. I slept some more. I dragged myself up at one point because I was desperately thirsty, but otherwise I slept.

And that, my friends, is how I spent my day. I feel better for the most part. I still have an annoyingly lingering headache but I don't feel like a lump of pain anymore. That is awesome!

Also, The Middleman is pretty fucking funny.

I'm going to go attempt to find some steamy TSCC Derek/Sarah fic. There is a distressingly short supply of those type of fics. Somebody needs to write me some. Like, now.

I'm out.