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DW-Books-Arm yourself!

Whoever controls the stone controls the world!

Book #89 - The Coelura by Anne McCaffrey - I had to take a break from my heavy plague-laden book I'm in the middle of to read something light and frothy. This is exactly that. Both light and frothy. Like a good coffee drink you get from Starbucks. Yeah, you know what I mean. This book is kinda light on plot. That's probably what makes it frothy. Hmm. Still, it was a good way to take a break from the plague and kill a few hours.

In completely unrelated news, my mom and I took the rest of the stuff that we didn't sell at our garage sale up to Goodwill. Yes, it's taken a while to get that done. Now, we have room in the garage to put some of the empty bookcases. I'd have to say that the house packing is coming along swimmingly.

I also need to mention that there's this show on Cartoon Network that I used to loathe. It's called Total Drama Island and it's a cartoon takeoff of reality shows such as Survivor. Somehow I've grown to like the show. It pokes fun at reality shows in a most hilarious manner. Plus, it's called TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND and the theme song keeps saying "I want to be famous".

Okay. I'm done.

ETA: Book #90 - Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern by Anne McCaffrey - I'll admit that I got a little teary with this one. Not full on sobbing or anything, but my eyes might have welled up a bit. So, plague. Fun stuff. Nothing's better on a Saturday night than plague. Except maybe zombies. Zombies with the plague? I've written "plague" too many times now and what I'm saying no longer makes sense. Good book. Heavier than the others in the series, but well written and gripping. :)

I'm not certain about this but I may need a slight break from the Pern books. It's not that I'm not enjoying them (because I definitely am!) but I need more in my head than dragons at the moment. We'll see. I have 5 more books that I own in the series, one of which I've never read. What to do?!?! There are also several others that have come out since I took a hiatus from the series. Gah! Maybe I'll read one or two more. I'm sure I'm going to be horribly busy soon and won't get any time to read at all. oddmonster, quit cheering!