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You remind me of someone I used to know ...

I'm watching SGA. The episode where Atlantis locks down and the team is trapped in different parts of the city. Awesome ep. When Ronon is stuck in the infirmary with Keller and she suggests finding a way to pass the time? The look on his face is awesome. And her backpedaling ... "Talk! I meant talk!" Hahahahahaha! I'd totally pass the time with him. If you know what I mean. Nope. There's no innuendo here!

It's still hot. Sadly, not sexy-hot, just sweaty-hot. Yuck.

I cut out of work around 1:30 today because I had to sign some paperwork for the house. It turns out the signing took about 3 minutes. Oops. I guess I miscalculated. My bad. Did I go back in to work? Umm ... no. I totally boxed up a bookcase instead. Look! It needed to be done. It was sitting there and I was sitting there and I was going to be hot whether I started boxing or not. So I did it. Yes, I live my life on the edge. Some people are just born rebels.

I love Teyla's maternity clothes. She looks so damn good. I'm fairly certain I didn't look that good when I was pregnant. Huh.

Okay. I'm done.

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(Deleted comment)
Ha! Of course they do. That's what happens when you're in Boston. Btw, Lacey's probably mighty jealous that you're visiting her favorite place at the mo.

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