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Cloverfield-The lady needs a head

I almost don't know where to begin ...

I have a ridiculous amount of comments to catch up on. I'm not even sure some of my responses will be relevant at this point. Disco is still the wave of the future, right? I mean, I'm not so hopelessly out of date that my neon leg warmers are ready to make a comeback. Or am I?

Yeah, I've been wrapped up in my own little world lately. It consists of taking my son to school, reading an insane amount of words, and worrying about when I'm going to get to move into my house. That said, I took Cole to school this morning, started a new book while I had my hair done, signed some paperwork for my house (not the big stuff, just some minor paperwork), went to lunch with my mom (wherein we talked about the new house and how much longer it would take to get into it), picked Cole up from school, stopped at Target to buy some school supplies (of which they were out of quite a bit) and came home. I decided to try to chain my events together today since I had things to do in MH and didn't feel like driving back and forth.

Now I'm back to work tomorrow after my two lovely days off. Boo.

I did finish a book, though.
Book #86 - The Chronicles of Pern: First Fall by Anne McCaffrey - A bunch of short stories. They were good.

I also had to ferry my mom to Best Buy to buy a new computer. Her old one (it was only a year and a half old!) just died. The tech said it was the motherboard and it would cost more to fix it than the computer was worth. Okay. We bought a pretty new Dell that's amazingly fast and very quiet. Such a change over the old one.

Alright. I'm done.

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yo. yo yo. so what's that icon? statue of liberty without a head?

It's from Cloverfield. Duh.

Yeah, the tech would be right. Motherboards are expensive. That computer didn't happen to be a eMachines PC, did it?

I can kinda relate to the part about getting distracted.
I got a promotion at work where I am actually entering entry level management.
As soon as they got all the software setup I need for my new job on my work PC, another co-worker happened to get a virus on it and they have to erase it and start over from scratch.

It was a eMachine. How did you guess? We went with a Dell this time. It's pretty sweet.

I do a lot of PC support and spent 4 years doing extended warranty support for Circuit City.
The eMachines are notorious for having fried motherboards. We lost so much money on those things since extended warranty support is the one that has to do that kind of repair. The motherboards would also go on back order and it would force our hand into replacing the crapMachines.

eMachines totally suck.

The only people getting their money out of the extended warranty were the ones with eMachines. For all other computers, extended warranty is a waste of money.

Dell still has a very favorable reputation so it's a GOOD choice.

I kinda got that impression from the tech guys at Best Buy. When I mentioned that it was an eMachine, they made a face.

I'm glad Dell still has a good rep. I plan on making it last.

My poor Wilma is still kicking...but it IS her 2nd mother board..

I mentioned that to the guy at Best Buy. That you have an eMachine that is still going after a couple of years. :)

How is Cole liking his new school? And what? You don't answer your phone anymore?! :(
Mostly I just wanted to say hey - been thinking about you and your family. I hope H's surgery recovery is going well.

He likes it. He has a hard time making new friends so he's struggling in that respect, but school itself is going well. :)

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