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Face my wrath!

I forgot to wish kimbrchick Happy Birthday yesterday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KIM!

Today was Cole's first day of school. He said it was good except that he didn't like recess because he didn't have anyone to play with. How sad. It kinda makes me teary when he says stuff like that. I'm not worried, though. My kid's smart and funny and he'll make friends in no time.

In between driving Cole to school and waiting to pick him up in the afternoon, I did some reading ...

Book #84 - The Girl Who Heard Dragons by Anne McCaffrey - This is a collection of short stories, some are loosely related to one another, some are stand alone. The main story is based in Pern and involves one of the main-ish characters from The Renegades of Pern. In fact, it tells a small portion of TRoP from a different perspective. Some of the stories were very good, some missed the mark. Still, it was fun.


Book #85 - Rescue Run by Anne McCaffrey - This might be classified as merely a short story, so I might have to take it back at a later date. But ... for now it stands as #85. This is the story of the rescue mission mounted when the Mayday homing capsule released in Dragonsdawn is finally picked up ... 49 years after being sent. All in all, a good story. It also answers some questions that are posed in one of the later books. Well, questions that I found interesting. Yes!

So there you have it. Tomorrow I have to jet Cole off to school (after feeding him a filling breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast ... which are what he requested) and then wander over to my hair appointment. I don't have time to go home between tasks so I'll be hanging around all creepy-like in the parking lot of my hairstylists place with my book. Cool. As soon as my hair's done I have to rush over to sign some paperwork on the house. Then, my mom and I will probably grab some lunch before picking Cole up from school. My sister has a doctor's appointment tomorrow so we're also picking up Hailey. Now, just to lay out an accurate time line, Hailey gets out of school 45 minutes after Cole. Yes, we're just going to hang around until she gets out.


Did I mention that Heather had knee surgery on Friday? Yeah, she did. She had cadaver replacement surgery on that same knee about 10 years ago so this was to go in and clean up some gunk that had broken loose. She's had so much pain in it recently that she felt like she had to do something.

Okay. I wrote more than I intended. I'm out.

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wow thats fast. ive never known anyone so into anne mc caffrey :)

Lol! I started reading her when I was 11 or 12 (I'm 32 now) and I own nearly all her books. Sometimes it's nice to sink into an old favorite. Or twenty.

Last year, Jack went through a long bout with no one to play with at recess. It was devastating (for me). He said he would wander around at recess. :( Just the thought of it makes me upset. He is painfully shy, and we would give him all the tools he could use ("Hey, can I play?" "Do you want to swing with me?") but he just wouldn't do it. I even arranged play dates with people in his class and it would be fine but when it came to recess, he was just alone. As it stands now, he has one friend that he plays with, and if that boy is not at school, he is alone again. It is going to be a struggle I think. It just devastates me who just wants him to always be happy. So I understand. :( I'm sure Cole will be fine in no time.

Edited at 2008-08-20 01:12 pm (UTC)

It heartbreaking to watch. The good news is that Cole said he played with one of the boys today. That makes me so happy. I didn't want him to DREAD going to school every day.
I'll think positive thoughts for Jack. *nods*

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