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Quote-My OTP keeps me hopeful

Check it!

I watched Jumper this evening. It was really not as bad as I've been led to believe. I liked it. I like Hayden Christensen. Still. In fact, he and Tom Welling are the two guys that I always drool over when I see them on the TV. Excellent.

One of my goals today was to catch up on comments. According to iron_knife, I'm many days behind. Yeah. That didn't quite happen. I meant to. I really did. But no.

So, that pretty much sums up my day. I did squeeze a nap in. And my mom and I went down to Cole's school to see who his teacher is. And we peeked in the window at the new house and saw the entryway tile and the granite counter tops. It looks like we're next in line to get our carpet in. Excellent. I really hope the escrow date doesn't get pushed back again. Really.

I am done.

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(Deleted comment)
I watched the first few minutes of Teeth but I wasn't quite in the mood for a vagina covered with teeth. Maybe next time.

I meant to call you this weekend. Sorry I didn't. But I spent a lot of time helping with babies and my oldest nephew and ..hanging with my own kid. We are hoping to see you guys soon...like this coming Saturday? How's that for an invitation?! LOL How did the garage sale go? How far back was the escrow pushed now?!

Talk to you soon kiddo.

See, I knew I'd run across a comment where I'd already answered all the questions. Lol! In fact, I just go off the phone with you!

Okay, I had a "Jumper" style dream last night and I now think it was reading this entry that help make me dream about it. It also doesn't help that I have seen the movie too.

Except in the dream, we were "jumping" from one universal dimension to the next. And don't ask me who "we" were, the dream never let me know who was doing this or if I was even part of the group of heroes.

We were trying to stop the collapse of the infinite number of universes that would then cause the fabric of reality to cease to exist.

We finally defeated the forces of evil and saved reality from collapsing within itself. The dream decided not to show me how "we" did it.

Then the dream showed what life was like for the heroes after saving all of reality.
We sat around watching TV and the last part of the dream was probably the most boring dream I ever had.

Go figure.

That? Is an awesome dream.

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