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Stock-Books-Stack of books


Professor of Smurfology ...

Obtainer of rare smurftiquities ...

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DW-Rose-Look to the side to see it!

Breaking the cities ...

My mom and I have been organizing the stuff in the garage for the garage sale tomorrow. Fun. We have so much crap. It's almost frightening.

On top of that, it's freakishly hot. Still. It's that sort of hot that makes me want to do nothing. Yet, that's not to be. I have to organize stuff. And read my book.

I was going to try to catch another movie tonight while Cole was hanging out with his dad, but I got distracted by all that garage organizing and now it's too late because both kids are camped out in front of my TV watching Nickelodeon. Good times, folks. Good times.

It's too hot to sit here any longer.

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(Deleted comment)
Ha! Nice icon. I'm looking forward to central air like ... Cartman looks forward to appetizers.

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