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The ears are too long and I miss the cape!

After watching Doomsday the other day (and loving it!), I decided that I wanted to watch another new-to-me movie. I threw on The Ruins. I really, really liked parts of it (the ending springs to mind) but there were parts that were so graphic they made me jump. And fumble for the fast forward button. When they showed the doctor guy breaking the German guy's legs? Gross. And when Stacy has her hand in her leg rooting around for ... well, roots? OMG! I couldn't watch. Anyway. I didn't recognize Jena Malone until about half-way through and I really like her, so that's kinda weird. Overall, I liked it. Good movie watching lately!

I had an awards ceremony this afternoon. Bocce ball and Italian food. Good times. I'm not quite sure how I qualified for this award and nobody I ask seems to have an answer. Still, I actually did well at Bocce ball. I kept joking that I had found my game. Dude. I had strategy. It was awesome.

Okay. I'm hot and I keep getting distracted by the Batman Beyond movie that Cole's watching. I guess that's my clue to get off the computer.
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