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Stock-Books-Stack of books

Is there a message that you'd like to tell us?

Suddenly, in the middle of the night last night I realized why I wasn't thrilled to be going to work today. Yeah. After-hours meeting. I love those 11 hour days.

On top of the sucktastic hours worked, I also got the phenomenally bad news that our escrow date has been pushed back again. "Possibly" the 15th. Grr. First off, that's 10 days later than we were told and that we were planning on. Secondly, I have malkovich03's bachelorette (HAHAHAHA the auto spelling thing is telling me that "bachelorette" is spelled wrong and when I clicked on it for the correct spelling I got such suggestions as ... "Florette", "tetrachloride", "Florette's", "tetrachloride's", and "chlorinates". Awesome!) party on the 20th that I can't miss. This is going to cut into my moving time considerably. That sounds like I don't want to go and I do. I would simply rather be completely moved in as was originally planned before heading off to party.

Anyway. Now I'm sad and depressed that I'm not going to have 2 weeks off in a couple of weeks. I'm drooling for a couple of uninterrupted weeks off. Sometimes I hate my job.

I need to stop before I start blubbering into my soup. The weird part? I have no soup. And there is no spoon.

I'm done. For real.
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Awwwww. 11 hour days totally suck.

Yeah, when I got a house back in 1999, they were 2 months behind schedule and had to live in a motel room with my brother during that time. Forced us to move TWICE. We had to move everything into storage and then 2 months later move it out of storage.

How does that classic American sage adage go? We were not happy campers. That was it. We = not happy campers.

I hope (hope, HOPE) that this doesn't drag on that long. I'm so ready to move I hurt!

waiting is the hardest part. i know it sucks, but you will be in there before you know it and you won't even care about the extra couple of weeks.

It does suck. You know how I am. I just need to know when things are happening. Ooh! I could watch The Happening. I have it on my computer. Hmmm ...

Our house went fairly quickly when we bought it, altho there were some "push backs." Exercise your hand. That's my advice. Your hand will cramp from all the signing. Seriously.

Well, they won't let us move in until they finish building it, so it looks like we'll have to wait until they're good and ready for us. Boo.

11 hour days?! oye! i can't say i feel your pain, because a long day for me is just about 9 hours. well that's a normal day. but seriously, it sucks :(

treat yourself one of these days. in the evening tell everyone you're going to do nothing. you deserve it!

It was excruciating. 11 hour days hurt. HURT!

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