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SGA-Sheppard-Looking badass!

Here's how the next piece goes ...

Instead of watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, I've been catching up on SGA. What? Ronon needed some love. Anyway. I'm recording them so that Cole can watch them later. It's not like I'm missing them entirely.

Tomorrow, my mom and I are tackling the dreaded toy closet to start boxing it up and sorting out what we're planning on selling a the garage sale. I'm so afraid.

Completely randomly, if you don't bank with my bank and you're going to stand at my teller's window and do nothing but complain ... well, you'd better be damn sure we're going to mock you later. Also, the fees we charge aren't how we make our money. So, suck it, non-customer! Suck it. And just possibly, use your own bank.

I am done.

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(Deleted comment)
yea! those non-customers can suck it! you know who else can suck it? customers who say to me 'your entire livelihood is sitting at a front desk of a bank on saturdays' uh, excuse me, but this is not my entire livelihood.

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