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Psych-quote-I'm psychic!

... like a chocolate harpoon!

Wow. I got a lot done today. But before I get into that ...

Book #80 - The White Dragon by Anne McCaffrey - This book is ... gorgeous. To begin with, I own a print of the cover art because I love it so very much. Here. Judge for yourself. So, this book is a sweet, sweet ride. One of the things that makes it so incredible is how Anne McCaffrey takes this world that's light years away from ours and throws this little wrench into the plot that suddenly makes that world seem like it's next door to us. It's phenomenal.

So, besides finishing that book (and starting my next) ... oh, in case anybody's keeping track, in order to be on track for my year-long reading tally, I would have had to reach my 80th book by the end of August. Yes, I'm totally in the zone. ... So, besides finishing the book, my mom and I worked on cleaning out the garage. Boy, did we do a lot. About half the stuff we went through we're planning on selling at our garage sale. Excellent.

After cleaning out the garage, my mom and I took a ton of pictures of stuff I'm going to put up on eBay. It was slightly exhausting.

See? I did a lot today.

And now I'm a little bit tired.

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(Deleted comment)
Are you trying to buy it from me? Cuz that's not going to happen.

(Deleted comment)
I would have watched that. *nods*

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