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Stock-Books-Stack of books


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Stock-Books-Stack of books

One day more ...

Look! It's Friday night. Cole decided to spend the night at his dad's. Hailey wanted to watch a "scary movie" with me but then wandered off half-way through. Which one? Oh, Underworld. Sometimes you just need a little vampire/werewolf action. Excellent! Some might argue that Underworld isn't so much scary, but to a 5 year old, it's just the right amount of scary.

Unfortunately, I have to work tomorrow. Boo. But I've already arranged to work a half day on Tuesday so I can enroll Cole in his new school. And I warned my manager that I'd have to take some other random time off to complete some stuff for the house. You know, a walk through, signing the mortgage, another walk through, MOVING. Yikes. It feels a lot more real now than it did even a week ago.

This is not the most exciting journal ever but since it's the first of the month I absolutely had to get something up. That's part of my life-motto. "Get something up on the first." It's a strange motto but it gets me through the first of the month.

I'm out.

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Happy Lughnasadh, baby.

Thank you, dear! And right back atcha!

maybe you should change your motto to 'get a journal up on the first' cause 'get something up on the first' could be taken a couple of different ways... wink wink

That's the way I meant it!

I think I have a tie for my own personal motto.

"At the end of the day, it was just a day."
"Oh no, you didn't!"

I haven't decided which one to really use.

And I hope you are enjoying your post-Lughnasadh day sales shopping.
I believe many states are celebrating by having tax free weekends. Who knew that many states are into representing Celtic holidays under the false guise of school shopping, right?
Shame California doesn't seem to have a tax free weekend considering the taxes they have there. It would be hugely popular thing for the politicians to do.

I think California should adopt a post-Lughnasadh sales tax free shopping weekend. Just for me. :)

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