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Book #79 - Dragondrums by Anne McCaffrey - I didn't read this today. I finished it last night around midnight but didn't feel like firing the computer back up. Come to think of it, I didn't read a thing today. Wow. That's different. You know, for me. But I digress. 3rd in the Harper Hall trilogy, this one follows Piemur as he adventures his way across Pern. It was fun and fast. Just what I was looking for.

Oh, did I mention that I'm incredibly nauseated right now? It's true. I think I ate something because I felt peachy keen fine earlier and now I feel like somebody ran me over with a truck. Yeah. Fun.

My mom and I went down to the new place today. Unfortunately we didn't get to walk through it because they were laying the tile. Yay! to that. There were also a bunch of guys working on the porch so that should be done by the next time we stop by. We also got some very good news about the closing date. We were originally told that the tentative date was August 26th but that it would more than likely be pushed back. We figured it would be ready by mid-September. We're now being told that the move-in date is (once again) tentatively set for September 5th. Wow. That's about a month away.

Now we just need to sell some of our big furniture soon so that we don't have to move that stuff.

Okay. I'm done.