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Psych-quote-I'm psychic!

The truth about the campfire story ...

Oh, thank all major and minor deities! Today was so looonnng. Painfully so. I don't know why the past week has dragged so, but it has. *sigh* At least I have tomorrow off.

I have some random things to talk about ...
a. Cole and Hailey are driving me crazy lately with the constant fighting. Yikes! Enough already. On top of the fighting, Hailey decided that she wanted her mom to drive her to daycare about 15 minutes after H had left for work. Umm ... that's not happening. So I had to listen to a morning of whining from the little darling.

b. Wonderfalls is a very cute and sweet show. I always kinda had this belief that I'd really, really like it and that's why I kept putting off watching it. I didn't need a new show to watch. Yet ... here I am. With one episode left.

c. I've been reading Doctor Who porn lately. What? There's nothing wrong with that. It's Ten/Rose. Nothing.Wrong.With.That. I'm even feeling a little fanfic brewing upstairs. *steeples fingers* Excellent.

d. Book #78 - Dragonsinger by Anne McCaffrey - 2nd in the Harper Hall trilogy. Anne McCaffrey writes so beautifully. All her characters are so real. So alive. I haven't been sucked into a series of books this deeply for a while. At least since last year. Maybe earlier this year. Whatever.

e. I think I'm going to buy a new computer desk tomorrow. And maybe a new computer chair or three. Don't ask.

I'm done now.

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I wholeheartedly encourage you to write....if only because it must slow down your reading....

What are you talking about? Slow down? But I only read 20+ books in July. That's not bad. Ha!

Steeples fingers! I like that.

It is almost 6am and I'm on the train in the city. Kurt is headed up to Tahoe so he dropped me off early. I'll get to Cal Ave at 7, and then I figure I'll get some breakfast since I have a whole 2 hours before work starts.

Also, our Spanish teacher told us that no one in Argentina eats dinner at 6PM. Restaurants start filling up around 9 and they will be packed around midnight. Neat.

I'm bored.

That's disturbingly early. I keep meaning to email you, but the slowness of the day distracts me and I end up doing nothing. I think I'll email you now. :)

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